The Pros and Cons of Mobile Technology

Can you think of your life today without mobile technology? It is hard to even conceive of a situation when we will not have any access to this technology primarily because our lives have become so heavily dependent on it. But, at the same time, the risks of an overuse of this technology are known to one and all.

Mobile technology is really technology that we can carry around with us; it refers to the use of netbooks, tablets, computers, GPS, smartphones, wireless payment terminals, etc. Such portable devices can make use of myriad technologies like the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, VPNs, data networking services like 3G, 4G, etc and dial-up services.

Pros and Cons of Mobile Technology:

  • It goes without saying that the biggest benefit of mobile technology is instant communication. Smartphones, for instance, were designed for improving communications amongst people through text messages, video calls, phone calls, chats, and apps that provide instant communications.
  • With smartphones and tablets, surfing the Internet has also become super convenient, even for people on-the-go. The devices are all integrated with internet browsers, allowing them to access sites at any time.
  • Mobile technology is the biggest source of entertainment for one and all, whether it is movies, gaming, music, or eBooks.
  • With smartphones dominating the world of mobile technology, everyone now has an access to a camera. There is no need to spend a fortune ob buying a digital camera anymore; you can take photos instantly and post these on social media sites.
  • Mobile technology perhaps has the biggest use in the field of education enabling students to enroll and learn through online courses and distant learning courses. Smartphone help in educating youngsters because it gives them easy and hassle-free access to all kinds of academic content in the form of educational videos and tutorials. Students can find out information about any topic when they have access to the Internet at all times.
  • With mobile technology, people have started using all kinds of apps,; while their functionalities may differ, you will need them for catering to a variety of requirements like video or photo editing, online ticket booking, online food delivery, making mobile payments, and online shopping. People even trade using their mobile phones. Many apps are now available with compatibility for trading shares, bitcoins etc. Go through bitcoin lifestyle test and understand how legit they are.
  • Most mobile technology devices are now fitted with the GPS or Global Positioning System that allows you to find any area or address anywhere in the world.
  • Mobile technology has boosted workplace productivity and staff efficiency; promoted collaboration amongst employees and easy communications inside and outside the workplace.


  • The biggest disadvantage of using mobile technology is the high costs associated with it; some of the top-end models of smartphones are exorbitantly priced because of their specs. For data connectivity also you will need to subscribe to a plan.
  • The overuse of mobile technology has led to poor social interactions in modern families and societies.
  • While smartphones can be productive, they can be hugely distractive too. Because of constant notifications, message alerts, updates, etc you are bound to be disturbed while working or focusing on something.
  • Mobile technology has been known to take a toll on one’s health too; smartphone release radioactive energy that is absorbed by body tissues. Another side-effect of overuse of smartphones is sleep deprivation and eye problems.
  • Despite privacy measures, smartphones remain susceptible to security hacks and cyber attacks.
  • Finally, not all information is suitable for everyone and data is not always censored on the Internet. This may prove to be especially harmful for children; this is why adults need to supervise and regulated children’s use of smartphones.